Giseli Dias is a global luxury shoe brand that designs and distributes high-quality shoes for women. Founded in 2012 by Giseli Dias, the brand is known for a bold, feminine and timeless design aesthetic, while maintaining comfort and respecting women's feet.

Giseli Dias' brand is produced in Brazil and distributed through our website, showroom in New York and selected partners in the United States, France and Brazil. With artisanal manufacturing and dizzying heels, Giseli Dias brand productions are limited and numbered, prioritizing the exclusivity of Giseli Dias models, the brand's main characteristic .


Giseli Dias began her career as a shoe designer after her training at the French fashion school Esmod , which was instrumental in her transition into the fashion industry. In a harmony of style and passion, designing, cutting and sewing are the order to transform your desire into reality, bringing your vision to life.

What makes her models unique and desirable is her excitement about trying something different. The Giseli Dias brand has a face, soul and philosophy. Each Giseli Dias pair bears her love and extravagance, as well as her name. Giseli Dias is the founder and creative director of Giseli Dias and oversees all categories of the brand, including design, marketing and development .

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